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Founded 1956

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Posset Pieces

Latest edition:

A regular booklet on local history from the Gordano Region of Somerset edited by Sandy Tebbutt. ISSN 0924-5839. Can be bought here on-line, by post, at Society meetings, from Martin Sterland on 01275 847294 or from Careys, High Street, Portishead. Profits from the sale of Posset Pieces go towards our projects.

How to buy on-line >>

How to buy on-line >>

No 23: Winter 2019

More Places, More People

104 pages ‘perfect bound’ Size 176 x 250 mm  (6.9 x 9.8 in)

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Chapter 1. Editorial

Chapter 2. Bill Hawkins from an article written many years ago.

Chapter 3. Bird Tree Cottage by Sandy Tebbutt

Chapter 4. Boarding houses and apartments in Portishead

Chapter 5. Adelaide Terrace, Woodhill Road

Chapter 6. Lady Caroline Boyle of Adelaide Terrace  

Chapter 7. Dr. Lionel Weatherly of Adelaide Terrace

Chapter 8. Dr. Richard Cresswell of Adelaide Terrace by Nigel Coombes

Chapter 9. The cottage home on West Hill

Chapter 10. Nore House, Nore Road

Chapter 11. Dolores Silk

Chapter 12. Frederick Alexander Palmer - Sandy Tebbutt and Michael Thayer

Chapter 13. My early years by Patrick Warren

Chapter 14. The development of Portishead 1945 - 2015  by Andrew Youngs

Chapter 15. Unrest at the local elections in 1888

Chapter 16. Selina Price's story

Chapter 17. Miss Elizabeth Baster

Chapter 18. The Cottage, West Hill, formerly called Bermuda Cottage

Chapter 19. The Long family and their bakery business by Jim Long and Sandy Tebbutt

Chapter 20. The Reverend Trevor White by his wife Zena

Chapter 21. The Tinkler family and St. Barnabas school

Chapter 22. Unusual happenings in Portishead in 1863

Chapter 23. Up before the beaks by Sandy Tebbutt

Chapter 24. The whale in the Severn estuary

Chapter 25. Mr. William Carey and the local building company by Jenny Sainsbury, his daughter

Chapter 26. Eldon Lodge Freemasonry by Pete Milsom

Posset Pieces No 23


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